1. Add a splash of color with outdoor flower pots

With various sizes and styles to choose from, outdoor flower pots are an option suitable for just about any budget or location in your garden.

2. Upgrade outdoor furniture for a refreshed garden retreat

Creating a comfortable outdoor space is a worthwhile investment for summer. Take advantage of your extended living area by adding a comfy new lounge chair or couch. Relax. Read. Meditate. Repeat.

3. Transform your space with twinkle lights

Backyard, balcony, patio or porch – nothing beats the subtle, dreamy glow of lightscaping. Industrial strength strands offer several years of use, even when left up year round.

4. Try a DIY hanging planter

Fill hanging planters with your favorite flowers or edibles and avoid the fuss of poor soil, weeding and fighting off pesky rabbits or squirrels.

5. Accent with a feature tree, fountain or bird bath

Whichever option you choose, these eye-level attractions bring refreshed beauty with an abundance of environmental and individual benefits.