• Free 5 inch Mum with every Pumpkin!

    Fall is officially underway which means pumpkins are everywhere! Pick up yours before they're gone!   Read More

  • SUMMER OF SAVINGS | Pottery & Garden Art

    The combination of art and landscape, when done right, can leave a lasting impression to all those who visit!   Read More

  • SUMMER OF SAVINGS | Succulents

    If your space yearns for interesting, colorful, drought-hardy plants, then look no further than succulents! Succulent plants are made for surviving in dry conditions and are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor environments.   Read More


    A hedge is more than just a row of plants. Hedges play a major role in both our natural and suburban environments. Whatever the season or the reason for your hedge, Glendora Gardens has a wide variety of hedge plants to suit your needs.   Read More


    Shrubs are a great addition to your garden for several reasons. They are easy to care for, low maintenance, and usually provide greenery and color year round.   Read More

Glendora Gardens maintains nearly 10 acres of nursery and growing grounds, including carefully arranged plant beds, koi ponds, and shade houses full of creative treasures. We welcome you to come explore the garden, wander among the wildlife, and be inspired!