SUMMER OF SAVINGS | Cacti & Succulents

With plants as with people, there are savers and there are spenders. Where water is their currency, succulents and cactus are the thriftiest of their kind, with their fleshy leaves hoarding water specifically for times of drought. Their ability to go days without water make them the ideal garden staple for the sweltering days of summer. Stop by Glendora Gardens this Saturday and discover their many advantages and intriguing varieties... at a fraction of the price!

Be sure to keep an eye on your inboxes and social media feeds, as we'll be offering up a new summer deal for each Saturday through the end of August!

SATURDAY, JUNE 23 | All Succulents & Cacti 20% Off! Any size, any variety in-stock.


Glendora Gardens maintains nearly 10 acres of nursery and growing grounds, including carefully arranged plant beds, koi ponds, and shade houses full of creative treasures. We welcome you to come explore the garden, wander among the wildlife, and be inspired!