Winter Tips for Your Garden


If you haven't already, make sure to cut back those roses ASAP! Get ready for spring leaf out and flowering with a 3-in-1 systemic treatment that will fertilize, protect from insects and fight disease and powdery mildew. This proactive approach will keep your roses looking clean & beautiful through the rest of the year!

Rain Barrels

Don't miss out on the rest of the el nino season! A good storm can fill up these rain barrels under a downspout in no time! Also, be sure to check in with your city and water department for eligible rebates. For example, Glendora residents are eligible for a $50 rebate from the city and an additional $75 rebate through the Metropolitan Water District! Be sure to confirm eligibility and available rebate funds prior to purchase.


Glendora Gardens maintains nearly 10 acres of nursery and growing grounds, including carefully arranged plant beds, koi ponds, and shade houses full of creative treasures. We welcome you to come explore the garden, wander among the wildlife, and be inspired!