It’s fall ya’ll, and pumpkins have arrived at Glendora Gardens! We love this transitional season of changing leaves, crisp nights, cozy sweaters, harvests, and of course… PUMPKINS!!

Grab your ghoul gang and head on down to the gourd-eous pumpkin patch at Glendora Gardens. We’ve stocked up on a beautiful crop of Cinderella, Fairytale, Jarrahdale, Jack-o-Lanterns and so much more to delight all your fall senses.


Cinderella – $12.99

The vivid orange-red skin on this pretty heirloom creates a cheerful harvest display. With its mild, sweet flavor and moist texture, they are also great for soups, sauces and purees.

Fairytale – $14.99

A lovely French heirloom that starts green and matures to a beloved buttery orange-pink. Their ornate deep ribs make them a stunning display, but they are equally delicious for sautéing and roasting.

Jarrahdale – $12.99

These beautiful slate-blue pumpkins make a striking display. They also have a sweet, orange flesh which make them a prime pick for baking!


Their nice round shape is what makes these the namesake choice for carving!

Small – $6.99

Medium – $8.99

Large – $12.99

Wee-B-Little – $5.99

These tiny pumpkins max out at around 5 inches in diameter. Very popular for painting or carving with young ones because of their petite size and smooth skin.

Sparklers – $5.99

These little babies sparkle on the outside while having all the sweet pumpkin flavors we love on the inside. Combined with their long stems, they definitely stand out from the crowd among other mini pumpkins.

Tiger Stripe – $5.99

These lovely striped pumpkins are most commonly found as decorative centerpieces. They contain little flesh, but they can be stuffed and baked, or they make perfect vessels for dips and soups.

Asian Heirloom Varieties – $5.99

Other Miniatures – $2.99 – $3.99