Glendora Gardens is an authorized distributor of Southland Sod. Sod is available for delivery to your residence with a minimum order of 200 square feet. Delivery charges may apply. Please contact us three days in advance to schedule a delivery.

For more information or for help selecting the right grass for your yard, please visit the Southland Sod website.

Evergreen Varieties

Stays green year-round

Marathon (Standard Tall Fescue) | Very durable. Tolerates daily wear. Fast growth. Excellent recovery from injury. Coarse texture. Medium green color. Tolerates up to 40% shade.

Marathon II (Dwarf Tall Fescue) | Durable. Tolerates weekend activity levels. Slightly reduced growth rate. Good injury recovery. Medium / coarse texture. Medium dark green. Tolerates 25% shade.

Marathon III (Extra Dwarf Tall Fescue) | Use ornamentally where there are low activity levels. Slow injury recovery. Substantially reduced mow clippings. Medium / fine texture. Dark green. Do not use in shade.

Pureblue | Improved elite bluegrass blend. Fine textured, dense, elegant appearance. Requires regular care. Does best in moderate costal areas; avoid inland valleys and warm, arid regions. Requires well-drained soils and does not tolerate much shade or salinity. Green year-round. Available only in soil-less Lite Sod.

Ryeblue | 80% Pureblue and 20% perennial rye. Very similar to Pureblue. Minor subtle differences (slightly higher disease resistance, a shade lighter in color ad overall glossier appearance) are not readily apparent. Green year-round. Available only in soil-less Lite Sod. 



St. Augustine | Very coarse thick stemmed runners. Used primarily where shade tolerance is the top priority. Native to the southern United States where humid conditions do not permit cool-season lawn varieties to flourish. Considerable thatching. Requires concrete borders for containment. Dormant in winter.

Tifgreen | Hybrid bermuda. Excellent as athletic field or recreational turf. Often used on golf course putting greens. Very dense, low-growing, fine textured. With consistent care and trimming will create an attractive "manicured" look. Develops thatch. Requires concrete boarders for containment. Becomes dormant in winter.

Zoysia Tenuifolia | An ornamental grass with a unique, rolling appearance typically used in oriental garden settings or as a ground cover. Usually left unmowed for a freeform, natural look. Extremely slow growing, and fine textured. Dormant in winter.

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