If you haven’t gotten your soil in shape for the coming growing season, now’s your chance!  Investing some time in your soil now will ensure you are prepared for the busy planting season just around the corner.



One of the most important steps for successful gardening is amending your growing areas with fresh soil before planting.  Think of this practice as feeding the soil—and nutrient-rich soil is the lifeblood of a thriving garden.

In addition to improving soil structure, amending soil prior to planting allows time for the new microbes and beneficial organisms to reproduce and work with the biology already at work in your beds.  Each time you amend the soil, you build on the soil maturity of the previous season.  The result is happier plants year after year!



The best soil amendments to buy will depend on what you’re using it for.  For garden beds, you’ll generally want to buy enough soil to add at least a 2-inch layer. With spring just around the corner, we’re making this vital garden task a little bit sweeter.  Through the end of March, select G&B Organics Soils are Buy Three, Get One Free!


G&B Organics Planting Mix
Premium Garden Soil
2 cu. ft. (56L) bag

  • Designed for in-ground planting
  • Ideal for general soil amending
  • Holds moisture and improves drainage

Application: 2 cu. ft. transplants 4 – 5 one gallon plants, or amends 20 square feet


G&B Organics Harvest Supreme
Premium Soil Amendment
2 cu. ft. (56L) bag

  • Ideal for vegetable gardens and flower beds
  • Contains 15% chicken manure
  • Improves a variety of soils, including clay and sandy soils
  • Contains beneficial mycorrhizae

Application: 2 cu. ft. transplants 4 – 5 one gallon plants, or amends 20 square feet


G&B Organics Raised Bed and Potting Mix
2 cu. ft. (56L) bag

  • Specially designed for raised bed and container gardening
  • Ready to use with added organic fertilizers — no mixing
  • With added coir for greater moisture retention

Application: 2 cu. ft. fills a 4 square foot raised bed, or repots 5 – 7 one gallon plants